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I'm 33 year old who started gaming on an NES at my cousins hows before my parents eventually got one for me and my brothers. From there I upgraded through the various Nintendo systems until the N64. After that I started getting into PC gaming.

My first MMO experience was Shadowbane I spent a lot of time in Shadowbane and loved the open world PVP because you always had to be on the lookout and could get into some exciting fights I also loved the large city sieges, but eventually I transitioned to Starwars Galaxies with my friend. I loved the complete sandbox nature of SWG being able to be a Teras Kasi/Bounty Hunter and not being stuck as playing one class but being able to specialize my skills so that I was the most effective I could be at doing what I wanted to do which was hunting Jedi. I also loved that all of the equipment that was useful in the game was player made because it forced people to work together to do a lot of stuff in the game. There were flaws for sure such as the jedi grid and it being better to join a group and then do missions solo but over all I think it was the best experience I had in an MMO. And then the "Combat Update" happened and took out most of the customization. After that I moved on and tried WoW and SWTOR but I never got the same experience that I had with the open world PVP of Shadowbane or the true Sandbox nature of SWG.

That brings my to why when I saw Crowfall I got excited because from what I have read and seen It is a combination of the best features of Shadowbane and SWG. That being said I just picked it up this week and I haven't really had a chance to play much in game yet. So I am looking forward to hooking up with you guys and starting to learn the ins and outs of Crowfall.

Other Stuff:
I'm from Texas and have lived here all of my life. In addition to gaming I love to spend time outdoors hunting and shooting I also participate in Cowboy Action Shooting matches and do my own reloading.

I stumbled across Critical Role back when it was just first staring and loved to characters and story telling so much that I got hooked and have watched every episode so far. After mentioning the show to a friend he told me that he was thinking about starting up a DnD campaign and asked if I wanted to join in. I did and I loved our first few sessions however, due to changing circumstances the first campaign fell apart after only 3 or 4 sessions but as of December we started up a new campaign and I am excited to experience my first full DnD adventure.

Also, I died once, but if you want to hear about that you will have to catch me in game or on Discord 😉.
Posted Jan 20, 18 · OP
Noc a
We have our very own Agent Coulson in the guild! Haha

As a DM for my D&D group, I can confirm that there are times when I write up a story/campaign/adventure and after the first couple of sessions, I might just cut the cord and start something new. Its all based on how I feel the players get attached to the story and their characters. And if I like the development of it. Not to say that's how it happens all the time. But I've been there. Haha

And always awesome to have another Critical Role fan!
Posted Jan 21, 18
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